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Saturday, 27 August 2011

ourWorld News

All New Clothing SetsCritter Garden RacesThrow Mega Parties
New Summer Clothing Sets
(coming soon)
Race those critters and win BIG!
(more informations soon)
Mega Parties by invite only. Bigger than ever before.
(new event feature)
August Sunshine SetResident Sunshine TablePlay downWorld
Be hot this summer! Get the Sunshine set!
(Click the title to see all box items)
Become a Resident. Light up your room.
(Click link above to see more)
Nothing Here YET
Quantum Fighter SetdownWorld 3rd LayerJuly 2011 Resident Item
These futuristic items have blasted in from outer space!
(Only in July.)
Are you ready?!  The 3rd layer of downWorld is coming.
(Click the title to play)
Recovered from an alien spaceship, this Light displays eight different quantum effects.
(For Residents only in July.)
UFO Condo BoxNew Mystery BoxesPlay downWorld
This new box has just landed in from space!
(Click the title to see all box items)
The epic battle has begun!  Get these new boxes!!
(Will be updated soon with items)
Go DOWN on downWorld!
(Click the title to play)

ourworld Secret Mission: Cupid’s Bow

Secret Throwable: Cupid’s Bow!

Step 1)  Go to your friend’s list and search:

Step 2) Go to his condo

Step 3) Buy Love Potion for 5 gems

Emo Edwin is such a romantic at heart

Step 4) Throw the potion at Edwin and he’ll weep:

Collette is in her condo, cheating on Edwin. Not.

Step 5) Now go to Collette’s Condo

Step 6) Give Collette the letter.  Watch the drama unfold, lol:

There is an RIP Tombstone on the letter. Edwin is a psycho.

Step 7) Go back to Edwin’s Condo

Step 8) Give Edwin the heartbreaking letter

Step 9) He’ll reply with an emo response and give you Cupid’s Bow!

5 Gems for Cupid's Bow?! Fiiiineee

Moral of the story: Edwin is obsessive and perhaps suicidal o_o

If you look closely, you’ll see Edwin written under the letters RIP
Found in Nevermore!!!!  Edwin must be a zombeh o_o

ourworld boxes

ourWorld Battle Box: Oblivion/Radiant Set

The downWorld Battle Boxes have been imported to ourWorld!  Now you can get the exclusive treasures held within each of these boxes to make your avatar appear stronger than ever!
<— Radiant Box items are on the left
Oblivion Box items are on the right —>
Radiant BoxOblivion Box
Glimmer StaffOnus Sword
Sun Orb RodOrion Sword
Aqueon StaffDiaphane Sword
Suspensor RodHawkwind Sword
Solar Arc StaffNucleon Sword
Sun RodUrliax Sword
Eye Of Eternity RodStarblood Sword
Luster StaffTransfinium Sword
Shaman’s Light RodVorpinder Sword
Illuminon StaffGlint Blade
Incandor StaffTarantellium Sword
Effulgeon StaffMalignum Sword
These items are perfect for players who love downWorld.  Now your avatar can wield powerful weapons and look tougher than ever.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.  Leave nice comments.  Thank you.
Edit: These boxes should launch August 22nd, 2011. They should. Items in this box give 40% flow boost.